What is the average price for a Wedding DJ?

What is the price for a Wedding DJ – You could also ask how long is a piece of string…

Wedding DJ price differs based on area, the DJs experience and what you are looking for from your DJ

Things that also make the price fluctuate can include:

The level of experience they bring to your Wedding, maybe 5 years or 30

How experienced at Weddings they are

Their Performance time

Quality and amount of equipment (this is relevant to sound levels and lighting impact/ WOW factor)  

Travel Time and costs if they are a long way from your venue

If you need them to set up earlier in the day, as opposed to turning up early evening and then playing. Perhaps you need them to act as MC where you don’t have a Toastmaster

They may offer extras like Uplighting, Confetti Canon, Dry Ice etc.

If there are stairs the equipment needs to be carried up

Parking, congestion/ low emission zone fees, tolls etc.

So how do I know what to pay?

Let’s answer this question by giving some guidance on pricing for a Wedding DJ with over 5 years experience, reasonable quality equipment capable of sound and lighting for around 100 people, a good catalogue of music and straightforward venue access which is within a reasonable travelling distance. It’s a Saturday night outside of the busy Christmas and New Years Eve season and they can set up and play from 7pm until midnight

You should expect to pay on average between £350 and £500

Where the DJ has over 10 years experience (and this DOES make a big difference), it would be between £400 and £600 as an average

That’s more than you expected?

There’s a good chance you are now thinking ‘that’s more than I expected/ budgeted for’.  Ok, but what made you think it would be cheaper and how did you arrive at that budget?

Did you have a budget or an idea of what a Plumber or Electrician would charge for a particular job? How about when you last had a problem with your car diagnosed?  Probably not, but in the same way as Plumbers, Electricians and Mechanics have a lot of experience, the right tools for the job and are in high demand, Wedding DJs charge a professional fee for a professional job.

You local pub DJ will be cheaper. A young guy who’s bought some 2nd hand equipment and plays the latest chart from youtube will be cheaper. However in the same way as you probably wouldn’t have a supermarket cake for your Wedding, or trust your Wedding photography to your nephew with his smartphone, should you really trust 5 hours of entertainment for your Wedding Reception to someone who isn’t experienced at what they’re doing…

Want to save some money on your Wedding?

One way of saving money is that many Wedding DJs offer extras like Uplighting, Dancefloors and Photobooths etc. Booking these via your Wedding DJ can normally save money as they will create a package for you. Booking these things separately means you will probably pay full price for everything

Now you are armed with all the information about what to look for and how much it’s likely to cost, hit the button below to find your perfect Wedding DJ, and we hope you have the most amazing day!