Booking a Wedding DJ happens maybe once in your lifetime

So how do you know what to look for and what questions to ask?

Booking a Wedding DJ can be a real challenge. So let us help you. Many of the suggested questions below don’t have a definitive answer, but some do!

The most important question to ask a Wedding DJ is “will you issue a contract?” (sometimes called a booking form) and if you’re unsure of the answer you need to hear, it’s a definite YES!

Let me explain why – A contract will confirm who the DJ is, the event date, venue location, set up times, performance times, any special arrangements or requirements from both parties, the cost, how and when payment takes place, cancellation options and suchlike details.


You might think this is a little over the top, after all you’re ‘only booking a DJ’… In fact you are booking a Wedding Professional who you need to ensure will turn up on the day and not cancel at the last minute!


You would be amazed by the amount of last minute calls and facebook messages on Saturday afternoons, with Brides in tears as their DJ has cancelled or just hasn’t turned up.

They have never had a contract, often they had just one phone chat and ‘booked’ the cheapest DJ they could find.  Do you really want to take that chance on your big day?

Here are some questions we recommend asking a Wedding DJ, although you won’t need to ask all of them, they give you an idea of the kind of things you should be asking for when choosing a Wedding DJ for your Wedding Reception

How much music do you have ?
Which music do you have?
What music will you play?
Can I choose the music?
How do I tell you what NOT to play?
May my guests choose music?
Do you have ‘clean’ versions of songs?
Is it possible bring my own music?
How big are your speakers?
If your system breaks down, what can you do?
What if you get ill?
How long does it take to set up & breakdown?
What will you wear?
Do you get drunk?
Tell me about the insurance you have?
Is your equipment tested?
My venue has asked for PLI (All DJs on this website have £10m PLI with Mobile DJ Network)
The venue has asked for PAT
Can you set up earlier?
Describe the lighting you have?
Do you have a smoke machine?
How much power do you need?
Will I get a contract?
Do I pay a deposit?
Where can I see you performing?
How do I know you will be good?
Will you do everything in your power to make my event special and accomodate my every wish no matter
how much of a pain I become?


Although this a long list of suggested questions, asking just a few and having a chat with a prospective Wedding DJ will give you a feeling of how flexible he or she is, and whether you can work together to create a great Wedding reception with the music you want

To get an idea of pricing and a what a Wedding DJ costs, hit the link below